Does Your Business Need a Rooftop Unit HAVC System

Rooftop Unit or RTU is an efficient heating and cooling system for commercial buildings. It is designed to make buildings comfortable while saving space and money too. It is a type of HVAC that comes in one concise unit where all the components are present. RTUs have become a common option in most of the commercial space given the benefits it has to offer.

Installing an RTU system in your home or office building can make it comfortable. There are several benefits of installing rooftop unit which makes it an ideal choice for various commercial spaces. If you are looking for a heating and cooling system for your commercial building, checkout the benefits of RTU. Businesses today needs something highly efficient like RTUs to stay super comfortable.

With regular RTU maintenance in Fort Worth, you can make it work efficiently for a very long time.

What is a Rooftop Unit?

A Rooftop Unit also known as Packaged Rooftop Unit is a type of HVAC system that comes in one concise unit and has all the components needed in one place. This is the reason why it is known as space-saving system. They are usually found in commercial areas. Businesses of all sizes use RTU as it can be easily customized. Retail and industrial areas widely use RTU to keep the whole building efficiently heated and cool.

A Rooftop Unit comes with following components:

  • Large metal box with all the heating and cooling components
  • Expansion device
  • The evaporator
  • The compressor
  • The condenser

Depending on what type of HVAC needs your business has, the rooftop unit can be installed with the required components. Additional components can be added or removed as per the needs.

How Does Rooftop Unit Work?

RTUs are directly connected to the ductwork system of the building which is designed to distribute conditioned air throughout the space inside the building. The hot or cold air then returns to the rooftop unit to be conditioned.

The air from the inside of the building returns to the main unit where it is mixed with outdoor air to freshen it. The air is then passed through the filters, to the cooling coils with refrigerant and then to the blower to be delivered in to the space.

RTU is controlled by thermostat and the level of cooling of air can be adjusted as per the needs.

What are the Benefits of RTU for Any Business?

RTU is an absolutely necessary for any business if you want to grow. Having a good and comfortable working space is key to attracting more business. Not just that, employees are now looking for workplaces that offer ideal working condition. As a business, you cannot underestimate the power of RTU system. It is needed to keep everything efficient and comfortable inside the building.

Here are some of the things that make packaged rooftop unit perfect for commercial establishments:

  • Easy To Install

RTU is a space-efficient HVCA system that is easy to install. It is convenient for commercial space and offers easy functioning. Since they are easy to install, they can be easily molded into your existing systems. They come in one concise unit and are easy to move around the roof. The size and the components of the unit can be adjusted as per heating and cooling needs of the building.

Multiple RTUs can be installed on the building rooftop as per the specific heating and cooling needs. This is the advantage of installing RTU in the premises. They can be easily customized to suit specific needs of any size business. Not to mention the efficient heating and cooling it offers.

  • Space-Saving Benefits

As mentioned earlier, RTU is a space-saving HVAC system that is designed to save a lot of outdoor space. As the name suggest, it is installed on the rooftop where it is hidden away from everything. It occupies less space and since the roof is not used for anything else, installing a RTU system can save a lot of space on the ground. You can make use of the outdoor space as you want. The rooftop unit can work efficiently without being visible. As a business, you can use utilize the outdoor space for other things like parking spot, garden, or any other feature. This is one of the reasons why RTUs are so popular with the businesses.

  • Efficient Heating and Cooling

The most beneficial thing about an RTU system is that it offers efficient heating and cooling throughout the building. It is designed to provide fresh, conditioned air to the space which makes the inside of the building more comfortable to work in. They come with precise temperature control, humidity control and various other features that provide an efficient heating and cooling.

The air quality of the RTU system is excellent. It provides clean and fresh air inside the building through an efficient heating, cooling and ventilation system. No matter how large the commercial area is packaged rooftop unit can easily provide excellent heating and cooling.

  • Easy to Maintain

Regular RTU maintenance in Fort Worth can help you keep your system in top-notch condition. Unlike the other type of HVAC system, the rooftop unit is easy to access. It is located in the rooftop and the unit has all the components needed in one place. Any issue can be diagnosed with the help of a competent technician. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your RTU system in good shape as it can help prevent any major issues in the future. With the help of a maintenance program, you can easily keep your RTU system efficiently working all the time.

  • Cost-effective Option

Rooftop unit is a cost-effective HVAC option for businesses of all sizes from large to small. RTU system comes with energy-saving features that can help you save money on energy bills. Plus, they are installed on the rooftop where they are safe from damages like vandalism and accidents. These features can help you save a lot of money. One unit can easily provide efficient heating and cooling to the entire building and the size can be determined as per the needs. Rooftop units don’t contribute to the noise pollution. It works silently and efficiently and offers excellent quality air inside the building. The employees and the visitors inside the building will only enjoy the comfort of efficient heating and cooling and not the noise.

The Bottom line

Rooftop unit is one of the best HVAC system for businesses. They come with a wide range of benefits that makes it an ideal choice for many commercial and industrial establishments. You can easily install it and with regular RTU maintenance in Fort Worth, make them last for a long time. Installing RTU can save time, and money for your business.

RTU maintenance in Fort Worth with Rooftop Unit DWF

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