Here’s why your RTU makes these eight types of Noise

If you’re wondering why your usually quiet rooftop unit has started to make unusual noises, then you have come to the right place. Any noise coming out of the RTU is a signal for you to contact an agency for rooftop unit maintenance, Fort Worth. Usually, highly efficient rooftop units come with a sound-dampening mechanism along with dual compressors, which keeps the noise level under 55 decibels.

So, when you hear Noise coming out from the RTU, take it seriously. This might be your unit asking you for some care and maintenance. Since most people cannot recognize such signs, we’ve listed below some certain kinds of noises and what they represent.

  • Screeching

Screeching or squealing is a negative signal that signifies something that went bad inside the blower. It needs immediate belt replacement in case the blower is at fault. However, if the situation isn’t that worse, a simple lubricant will do. Whatever the situation, maybe, you got to call professional help to assist you in making the system right.

On the other hand, screeching is actually normal when you turn on a certain unit. So, you’ve to determine whether the squealing is normal or is there something actually wrong with the RTU.

  • Screaming

High-pitched screaming or whistling shut the system off and immediately call for professional assistance. The most probable reason for such high-pitched Noise is a refrigerator leak. Not only will this damage your system, but it also threatens the health of people around it. Screaming also indicates that there is high pressure inside the compressor, which is quite dangerous. Whatever may be the reason, call for professional help for RTU maintenance, Fort Worth, as soon as you hear the screaming or whistling.

  • Clicking

While operating a system, it’s normal to hear the sound of electrical elements’ clicking when you’re turning on or turning off the system. Meanwhile, if you notice constant clicking, then there’s something wrong with the RTU. This might happen because of a failing thermostat or damaged control. Among so many critical electrical parts, it’s important to pay attention and look for potential electrical problems, or you have to pay a bigger price later.

  • Buzzing

Usually, buzzing comes from the outside unit. And it could mean that some parts have become loose. You also get the sound of buzzing when debris enters the unit. Apart from that, other possible issues might be refrigerator leaks, polluted air filters, loose or failed fan motor, and uncleaned condenser coil. Having zero experience, an unqualified person cannot find out what’s wrong with the system. It’s better to call up a professional service provider for rooftop unit repair, Fort Worth instead of pulling off some DIY stunt that might harm you or your machine in the long haul.

  • Hissing

No, we’re not referring to the hissing of a snake. Here, we are talking about the Noise of hissing coming out of the compressor or furnace of a rooftop unit installed inside your home or office. Mostly, hissing happens because of a refrigerator leak that occurred inside the compressor. Not only that, but it also might be happening because of highly dangerous internal pressure.

Meanwhile, if the Noise is coming out of the furnace, it’s probably because of the leaking air duct. And, the answer to all of it is professional help. Ask your regular technician that carries out RTU repair, Fort Worth, to take a look at your system and make it right.


We hope the article could successfully educate you about certain kinds of Noise and what they signify. So, the next time your rooftop unit suddenly begins to create unusual Noise, your first action should be to call for RTU service, Fort Worth. However, before that, you should turn off your unit until your technician has arrived. Apart from that, you can ensure regular maintenance by carrying out an annual inspection of your RTU system. This will prevent you from facing some major trouble in the future. A yearly evaluation won’t cost you as much as it would cost for replacement and repair if any issue arises.

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