How to avoid debris and dust from accumulating within your RTU?

Dust & debris are normal in public buildings like offices, hospitals, schools, etc. However, excessive dust & debris are not typical. If you regularly see a mantle of dust & debris settled on your rooftop unit, then it’s time for you to take necessary actions regarding it. So, before opting for rooftop unit installation, Dallas, it’s important for you to learn about the solutions to end the dust accumulation issues.

What does debris & dust accumulation might lead to?

It is well known that too much dust & debris decreases the performance of your rooftop unit. If you’re not cleaning your rooftop unit regularly, dust & debris can:

  • Upset energy efficiency & heightens your energy bills
  • Slow down dependability and overall performance from your RTU unit & duct system
  • Make it more problematic to clean & maintain your living space & is less aesthetically satisfying. 
  • Put you into account for more costly, overpriced repairs, wear & tear, & shorter period HVAC shelf life

Now that you learned about the problems you might face with dust & debris accumulation, it’s time for you to be watchful after installing a new RTU with the help of RTU installation, Dallas.

How to Avoid Accumulation?

Unfortunately, if you’re struggling with the dust & debris accumulation & your dusting efforts are failing you day by day, then it might be the right time for you to go for a prompt solution. So, don’t let dust & debris mites take over & think of eliminating the problem from its origin & access a long-term solution for your cleaning requirements.

Here are some tips for you to take a look at before you install a new RTU unit from RTU installation, Dallas.

1. Change HVAC Filters

A low-quality or dirty HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) system is a primary cause of excessive dust & debris accumulation. If you hardly have your rooftop units cleaned, debris, dust, & fungi will abide in your duct system. This debris blocks HVAC filters, leading to excessive dust & unhygienic air, which might cause sickness.

The 1st step in preventing debris & dust accumulation is to invest in good quality HVAC filters with a high MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating while opting for rooftop unit installation, Dallas, to filter minute dust particles. It is advised that you must change your HVAC filters every 2 months & also think about scheduling a regular RTU cleaning service.

2. Regular Maintenance

You should have your RTU unit tuned up twice or thrice a year. Schedule your rooftop unit maintenance in spring. Tuning-up at the right time will help you keep debris & dust from building up in the system & making their way into your working place.

After going for rooftop unit installation, Dallasfor installing, you can later use their yearly maintenance service. The technicians will come & thoroughly clean the inside components, remove dust & debris from building up in your rooftop unit.

3. Cleaning The Fins

Accumulation of dust & debris mostly happens in the rooftop unit fins. So, cleaning them regularly is very important to avoid the build-up of dust & debris.

For cleaning, first, remove the outside covers & make use of the brush attachment on a strong shop vacuum to clear all outside dirt. Then, by using a gentle stream from a hosepipe, spray over the fins thoroughly to clear any built-up debris or dust from between them.

Don’t use a high-pressure cleaner since the pressure might damage the fins. In case the fins are notably dirty, use a commercial fin cleaning spray.

If you wish to install a new rooftop unit in your workplace, then select RTU installation, Dallas, for the best installation service.

How to avoid construction dust & debris from entering your rooftop unit?

Rooftop unit protection at the time of construction is crucial because it also helps in the accumulation of dust & debris. The following points will help you in it:

  • Cover the RTU so that no dust or debris will enter the system
  • Turn your system off to exclude circulating air. This will minimize the probability of debris & dust being sucked into the ductwork
  • Do the messy construction work outside far from the rooftop unit
  • Regularly clean the working area. If you wait for cleaning until all the work is over might cause a large quantity of dust & debris to enter your rooftop unit
  • Inspect the rooftop unit at the end of construction work to make sure it is clean

Now that you have gained all the ideas regarding how to avoid the accumulation of dust & debris, it’s time for you to choose a rooftop unit installing Dallas for installing a new rooftop unit.


While the rooftop units are functioning, they draw in air that might contain dirt, dust, & other debris. Not only that, sometimes during any construction work dust & debris also get accumulated. Nearly always, people won’t notice this, which leads to clogged ducts & terrible performance. Therefore, you must always keep the RTU maintained & you’ll not just save money on energy, but also, you’ll extend its shelf life, saving money on overpriced early replacement.

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