How to lower your energy consumption bills for the RTU unit?

Rooftop Units are everywhere. This machinery is normally opened to the environment on a rooftop or outside area. Exposure shortens the life of the equipment, so well provided for by RTUs, with a lifespan of around fifteen years. A system that is left to run before it dies will only last eleven to twelve years or even less, and this surely calls for professional RTU installation, Dallas.

Surely, rooftop units provide a very great ability to improve energy consumption in commercial properties.

With each passing year, this machinery is expected to become less effective & the total age of an RTU inventory built is now more than ten years old. Wearing & dirt will hinder the functioning of mechanical parts.

Rooftop units are classified by an energy conservation ratio maker or an EER. It is necessary to remember that there is indeed a major variation between both the theoretical & the real EER. RTU units are becoming more & more functional.

These points below will help you lower your energy consumption bills for the RTU unit.

Cleaning of Condenser Coils

The coils in your rooftop unit device are important for the operation of your machine. Their primary role is to transmit heat from the interior of your house to the outside. The development of debris & contaminants may cause the condenser coils not to eject heat properly, significantly affecting the performance of the device. Cleaning them using a power washer is really simple & can be handled by rooftop unit installation Dallas.

Changing your rooftop unit System’s Filters

Changing your rooftop unit filters should be a portion of your routine maintenance work as they prohibit hazardous substances from entering – & possibly harming – your rooftop unit system. Over the period, filters will stack up with dirt & dust to prevent effective airflow, making the machine work harder. As a consequence, the efficiency of the machine is decreased. It is important to change your filters at least 3 times a year & possibly more frequently during the maximum cooling season.

Using the High-Quality Fan Belt

If you’re after low-quality fan bands in your rooftop unit system, you risk adversely impacting the heating & cooling performance of your property if the belt begins to slide on the pulleys. Make sure that you can only use high performing fan belts to maximize total energy savings.

Don’t put off maintenance to the RTU system

When anything collapses, or you need assistance with repair problems, it is worth taking control of as quickly as possible. A low-efficiency machine will have a more significant effect on your maintenance budget in every segment than it will today, so pick up your phone & contact RTU installation Dallas to diagnose and address the issue right away.

Audit the energy usage of your RTU machine

You should also take a look at the electricity bills over the past two to three years and determine energy consumption at different times of each year. This knowledge can also be obtained by remote device control by your rooftop unit service provider, who can also detect issues more specifically & make suggestions that increase performance over the coming years.

Smart Thermostats

Setting up the rooftop unit system at the very same level overnight & a decent amount of electricity on holidays as during work shift waste wastes a good amount of electricity. Smart thermostats will not only be configured with an optimal temperature depending on when you want the property to be inhabited, but they can also sense when users are in space & automatically change the thermostat settings accordingly.

Educate Apartment Occupants

We’re all in it together when it comes to saving resources. Get staff & residents interested in energy efficiency by giving them information on the good practice instructions. Most people are going to feel positive about trying to conserve electricity, & this program will open up a discussion on how we should work together to produce results.

Conducting Energy Inspections:

Often businesses carry out compliance checks by wandering the building in pursuit of & fixing any fire, heat & safety problems. Why don’t you do the same with energy efficiency? Apparently, harmless actions by staff & renters, such as propelling open doors and running heaters while the RTU system is running, may theoretically add to the electricity costs. You will recognize & address these & other energy-waste activities by merely walking on the floor on a daily basis.

Perform routine maintenance inspection of the RTU system

As in many situations, prevention is the key to ensuring that everything runs properly, particularly during peak times. Daily maintenance review by a trained RTU technician involves washing, new components, & many more. Ensuring that checks are carried out on a daily basis can go a good way to fixing issues before they get a chance to do so. Rooftop unit installation Dallas provides regular check-up services for better health and energy consumption of your RTU system.


Many apartment owners had to wonder about the energy usage of their RTU unit. In reality, this has been an intense debate in the heating & cooling industry for a long time. There are, however, a number of steps that can be taken to successfully lower the energy usage bills for the RTU unit.

Are you in need of a professional that helps you keep your RTU energy bills at the minimum? RTU Unit DWF offers customized rooftop unit maintenance in Fort Worth in Dallas for all types of commercial & residential buildings. We will ensure that the RTU system is fully configured & that our systems operate effectively over the year. To learn more about our programs, please call us at (214) 550-3458 or email us at (469) 351-9657

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