Machines are prone to breakage with time. Regardless of how much extra you paid for them, they will surely go down someday or the other. However, depending on the parts used and manufacturer, the unit can last you almost a lifetime when paired with regular maintenance.

An annual maintenance session for your rooftop unit is crucial to ensure that it performs at its optimal best while providing you a lifespan of cooling and heating system. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, a professional technician for RTU repair, Plano, will ensure that your machine works at its best for years to come.

These annual RTU checkups provide you an opportunity to understand the machine’s needs and the appropriate product recommendations to help maximize the comfort level.

Why is the regular maintenance of your RTU unit important?

A simple answer to this question is for the enhancement of the RTU unit efficiency. Further, a well-maintained RTU unit ensures that your cooling and heating unit works at a tip-top condition. Having a professional RTU technician take a quick gander at the RTU unit every now and then makes it easy to located any potential operational problems soon enough before they can cause any damage to the cooling efficiency.

This will help you save up a lot of money that could come from major repairs when maintenance is ignored. The faster you hire a technician for RTU repair, Plano, or for quick maintenance, the better would be the diagnosis for any potential problem. Further, this also helps administer any preventive actions to protect the unit from any system malfunction or extensive damage.

The Quick Checklist for Preventive RTU Maintenance

In order to guarantee perfection functioning for your unit along with the maintenance of functionality for years to come, there are multiple measures that need to be taken by your go-to technician. Here are some of the important things your RTU technician needs to do to ensure thorough maintenance for the unit.

1-Inspection of the Air Filter:

Your machine’s air filter quality can massively impact the air you tend to breathe on a daily basis. The filter’s prime function is to tackle any allergens, airborne dust, or similar toxins. However, a dirty filter can malfunction when it comes to proper air filtration. This is harmful to you as well as the ones that live in your property and breathe the same air.

When kept unclean for a long time, this can lead to clogging of the air filter and further irreplaceable damage, costing you a fortune. To ensure this doesn’t happen with you, address any need for repairs in a jiffy during your maintenance cycle with the help of a service provider for RTU repair, Plano.

Further, make sure you get your unit maintained at least once every year by a professional service provider.

2-Cleaning the Motor and Fan:

Another aspect you need to ensure that your technician does fairly well is the job of cleaning the motor and fans in your RTU unit. It is important that they check if the motor and fan are placed right in the unit’s center with equal distancing on both its sides.

Also, with time, the blades of your fan might start rusting due to excessive use & exposure to the external elements such as rain or snow. This is when they need to be replaced or removed as soon as possible. Other types of blade damage include cracking, chipping, as well as an extensive buildup of dirt. With time, these damages tend to hinder the overall functionality of your RTU fan while causing your motor to make a loud noise and vibrate a lot.

Further, the motor bearings also need to be lubricated after every 6 months in order to guarantee a smooth operation while preventing any form of grinding.

3-Heat Exchanger Inspection:

When hiring a service provider for RTU repair, Plano, make sure you ask your maintenance guy to inspect the heat exchanger as well. These heat exchangers are a part of your RTU unit that tends to heat the air inside your home. This system is rather complex and made up of tubes or coils that intertwine together to allow the air for repeated free flow via the unit until complete heating is done.

Given the fact that the heated air is supplied directly to your living space, it is critical that your heat exchanger should work in a perfect condition. The occurrence of minor damages such as rust or cracks might contaminate your building’s overall air supply and add toxicity to space.

The combustion section, igniter, as well, as burners need to be inspected thoroughly and ensure that they work in sync to evade any repair requirements. There are multiple warning signs seen with a damaged heat exchanger that includes vibration, smoke release, roaring noises, flame rollout, as well as popping sounds that are indicative that something is wrong with your machine.

4-Coil Cleaning:

Another aspect of RTU maintenance that needs to be addressed by your RTU repair, Plano, service provider, is the cleaning of both sides of the coil. These coils need to be cleaned and flushed out a minimum of once per year to ensure optimum performance.

Failing to do this can lead to dust, and dirt buildup, which leads to an abrupt slowdown of the machine, and the heat transfer gets diminished across different sections of your RTU unit. Not just that, it might also lead to a production low air quality that could be breathed in by the guests or employees in your property.

5-Drainage System Cleanup:

Another factor you need to keep in mind when hiring a maintenance service provider is to ask them to clean out the drainage unit. In case your drainage system gets clogged with debris and dirt, then critical liquids and water cannot drain out from the unit in a proper manner. Not just that, it might also hinder the HVAC unit’s overall efficiency leading to expensive damages.

The unit’s overall heat transfer ratio is also significantly deterred due to this clogging malfunction.

6-Voltage Check:

Voltage imbalance tends to lead to a range of other imbalances that starts with the motor overheating going all the way to serious safety malfunctions in other RTU unit components. Not just that, an overheated RTU motor might be risked with intermittent shutdowns as well as lead to abrupt combustion.

To avoid this, regular maintenance is particularly necessary, along with regular voltage checks.


When hiring a reliable service provider for your RTU maintenance needs, make sure you cross-check all these segments of the checklist for a long-running heating and cooling unit decking your premise. Quality knows no short cut. So, make sure you ask your maintenance service provider to provide these services on your next scheduled RTU maintenance.

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