The 3 Important Elements of an Effective RTU Installation

Rooftop unit HVAC system is one of the best heating and cooling system for commercial properties. It is even ideal for homes too. High efficiency, convenience and the space-saving designs are some of the reasons for its popularity. It can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

But the key to having an efficient RTU is proper installation. For that, you will need a highly reliable RTU installation service. Right installation will ensure that your RTU is running efficiently all the time. There are certain prerequisites for rooftop unit installation that determines proper installation. When you need a reliable RTU installation service, they will take care of the required elements.

Here are the important elements of RTU installation:

1. Prepping the Installation Site

The first thing that needs to be done is prepare the site for installation. As the name suggests, the RTU will be installed on the rooftop. At first, the engineers will consult you and get the information needed like heating and cooling requirements, budget, structural support and more. Based on your city codes, the installation will be done to ensure compliance.

The rooftop needs to be of the ideal size to fit your needs. In case your rooftop doesn’t have the required space, other arrangements need to be made. One of the reasons why commercial spaces love RTU is that it remains out of sight on the roof. This makes everything efficient. Commercial buildings are built that way to accommodate installation of HVAC. With little prepping, you will have the best RTU installation done.

2. Designing RTU To Meet your Specific Heating and Cooling Needs

One of the most attractive features of RTU us that it can be customized. By which it means that the size can be designed to meet the heating and cooling needs of the entire building. And, just one concise unit is enough to provide efficient heating and cooling to the entire building.

The next step is designing the unit. This done as per your heating and cooling needs. The size of the unit, the heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, and other components are decided to meet the comfort needs. It is important to design the unit accurately so that the commercial building will stay comfortable throughout the year irrespective of the weather condition. But with regular use, you will need professional rooftop unit repair in Dallas. That is perfectly normal thing. With the right RTU repair in Dallas, you can easily keep your system running efficiently.

3. Additional Features

While the main unit will have all the essential components to regulate the temperature, there are other features that can be added later on. Features or accessories like humidity control, air quality control, dampers, air volume controls and others can be added as per the needs. All these features can be added or removed as per the requirements.

Installing additional features can help make the place more comfortable. For instance, some might like cold air while others a little warmer. This can be arranged to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as it gets. The flexibility and freedom to customize makes RTU one of the best HVAC systems for commercial spaces.

Homes too can benefit from rooftop unit. It can cost, space and maximize efficiency for better experience.

Need for RTU Services

Whether its installation, repair or maintenance, you will need a reliable RTU service provider in Dallas. Installation is the first and the most important step. Right installation will save you time and cost and prevent unwanted system breakdown. With the right rooftop unit repair in Dallas, your system will recover and work efficiently once again. When unexpected problem arises, it is important to hire the right repair technician who can quickly diagnose and fix the issue.

To keep your system running efficiently for a long time, and to prevent any major damage to the system, investing in a maintenance program is very important. It will increase the lifespan of your RTU and also prevent any major breakdown. You can also avoid any expensive repair or replacement with an effective maintenance program.

The Bottom-line

These are the three things required for the proper RTU installation. Preparation of the site, designing and then installing the RTU system are the three main steps needed. Make sure that you have the right team to complete the job. With the right team for installation, maintenance and RTU repair in Dallas, you can make your commercial space comfortable and safe for everyone.

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