Machines are prone to breakage with time. Regardless of what proportion extra you paid to purchase them, they’re going to surely go down someday or the other. However, counting on the parts used and manufacturer, the unit can last you almost a lifetime when paired with regular maintenance.

An annual maintenance session for your rooftop unit is crucial to make sure that it performs at its optimal best while providing you a lifespan of cooling and heating. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, a professional technician for RTU maintenance, Fort Worth, will ensure that your machine works at its best for years to come.

Regular RTU check-up allows you to understand the needs of the machine and choose better products that will help you maximize your comfort level. Before discussing the reasons for cooling error in the rooftop unit, we advise that you must consult with professionals for RTU maintenance, Fort Worth.

Benefits of rooftop units:

Rooftop units are popular where land is at a premium, as they permit building operators to use the visible space better. When the choice may be a ground-level outdoor unit, choosing an RTU means there’s more room for decorative plants and features on the grounds. When a choice is an inside unit, there’s more room for people.

Rooftop units are modular, which suggests your customers can add new services. This can be valuable to customers who are, for instance, planning an addition to their building. It may even be appealing for a billboard building where there could also be changes in how space is employed.

Reason for cooling error in rooftop units:

1-Dirty filters

If this is the only thing wrong with your Rooftop unit, it’s a cheap fix that doesn’t require much effort. Filters should really be changed monthly during peak seasons of heat or cold so that all trapped pollutants are often discarded and not recirculated throughout the house. When filters aren’t regularly changed, they create a rooftop unit work twice as hard because the pollutants create a barrier that hinders airflow.

While not mandatory in the high seasons of your rooftop unit system running, changing your filter every 3 months may be a good rule of thumb. If you’ve got a washable filter, you’ll wash it every 3 months. When being used in peak seasons, you need to change or wash it every month or two, depending on its use.

Not changing your rooftop unit filter is one of the foremost reasons we see heating and cooling systems fail. This is the simplest part of preventative maintenance that you can do. To make sure this thing does not happen to you, then you must get in touch with technicians for RTU maintenance, Fort Worth.

2-Leaking Refrigerant

This is a standard problem with air-conditioning units, and it can cause either poor performance or no performance in the least if the matter is bad enough. Condenser units in your air conditioning require a refrigerant to chill incoming air for your home. When there isn’t enough refrigerant within the system, there’s no way for the air conditioning to function correctly.

With less cooling level, the condenser works more powerfully with the added stress that affects the rooftop unit, and in return, this may lead to the complete breakdown of that unit. 

3-Heat exchanger

When hiring a service provider for RTU maintenance, Fort Worth, you should ask the technician to examine the warmth exchanger also. These heat exchangers are a significant part of your RTU unit that tends to heat the air inside your home. This system is quite complex and made from tubes or coils that intertwine together to permit the air for repeated free flow via the unit until complete healing is done.

Given the very fact that the heated air is supplied to your house, your device must have an ideal condition to handle the heat. The occurrence of minor damages like rust or cracks might contaminate your building’s overall air supply and add toxicity to space.

The combustion section, igniter, as well as burners got to be inspected thoroughly and make sure that they add sync to evade any repair requirements. There are multiple warning signs seen with a damaged device with a vibration, smoke release, roaring noises, flame rollout, and popping sounds that indicate that something is wrong with your machine.

4-Wrongly balanced dampers

Most ductwork systems in homes terminate at individual rooms and have dampers within the main supply route for regulating airflow throughout the ducts. When dampers aren’t properly balanced, some rooms could also be heated or cooled much faster than others, but when dampers are properly balanced, all rooms are equally heated and cooled.

If you aren’t sure if your dampers are properly balanced, you can give the professionals a quick call, and they will begin before your Rooftop unit fails, inspect your system and inform you about better airflow in every area.

5-Broken thermostat

Broken thermostats are the cause for a range of Rooftop unit system failures than you couldn’t even possibly think of. Fortunately, this is often one of the only and least expensive repairs you’ll make on your heating or cooling system. The only bad thing about the thermostat being the culprit is that it’s usually not obvious to the occupants and requires professional knowledge to be uncovered.

If you have a broken thermostat, this can be the right time to upgrade to a more modern smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can bring you a lower amount of energy bills and add to the overall convenience. These future-forward thermostats also help you regulate the machine from a far off place via your phone.

So, if you are out on holiday and forgot to turn off the RTU unit, these smart devices can help do that even when you are partying at the far end of the globe.

To avoid any thermostat issue, regular maintenance is required, along with regular repairs for which you must refer to service providers for RTU maintenance, Fort Worth.


These are some of the reasons that can affect the cooling factors in rooftop units. So, hiring a reliable service provider for your RTU maintenance needs provides amazing results for your RTU. 

Quality knows no short cut. So, make sure you ask your maintenance provider to cater to these services on your next scheduled RTU maintenance. In need of an affordable and reliable RTU repair service provider in Fort Worth? With Rooftop Unit DWF, you can hire professional service providers at a pocket-friendly price tag. We also provide 24/7 emergency services for the ones in need of emergency repair and maintenance. To understand more about our services or request a service estimate, give us a quick call at 214-550-3458 or text us at 469-351-9657 or write to us at

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