What RTU issues could lead to higher energy bills?

If you live in the Commercial sector, I am sure you are used to all the high energy bills which come with operating your rooftop unit, & what if you have found that it is higher than average this year & you’re curious how is my rooftop unit so costly to run?

Rooftop units consume a lot of energy, but inefficiency leads to large electric bills. Bad filters, duct leakage, failing components, low refrigerant, poor maintenance, and outdated setup, & poor installation are all explanations why your rooftop unit can generate high electricity bills. With rooftop unit installation Dallas you can overcome this problem.

1. Dirty Air Filter

Air purifiers keep the air operator, ducting, & indoor coil in your room sterile.

Since filtering too much air, debris can accumulate if it is not replaced on a regular basis. They can get so filthy that they obstruct ventilation in your ductwork. Because of the restricted air circulation, your machine would take much longer and cool your building. Increased time constraints can result in higher electric bills due to overheating motors & compressors. Rooftop unit installation Dallas helps in reducing your electricity bills.

There are renewable filters that maybe you should simply clean & replaceable filters that you should refresh every month. Rooftop unit installation Dallas advises using replaceable units because they have more ventilation.

This is the most important & simplest thing you could do to manage your device & save heavy energy bills.

2. Duct Leaks

Your duct system distributes air across your commercial space; it is essential for device productivity because it achieves the desired effects of your rooftop unit.

A vent leak limits the system’s capacity to disperse air & meet your thermostat’s requirements. If your rooftop unit takes so long to accommodate your thermostat, it will work harder & longer. High electricity bills would benefit from the machine working longer & harder while producing less performance.

Appropriate airflow is essential for a stable & productive environment. Rooftop unit installation Dallas suggests duct sealing to resolve this problem.

3. Failing Parts 

Failure of device components such as generators, capacitors, & the compressor would lead to a high electricity bill. The decrease in output caused by a failed component would cause your RTU installation Dallas to become less effective.

For, e.g., if your condenser has a failed condenser motor & you’re attempting to chill your property, the motor won’t be able to drain heat from the space quite well. The motor’s struggle & the thermostat’s failure would allow the motor to work longer & result in higher electric bills. This will continue until your motor dies & your Rooftop unit fails. RTU installation Dallas can also help you in fixing this problem.

4. Low Refrigerant

Rooftop units & heat pumps convert & drain heat from the space using refrigerant.

Low refrigerant levels will prevent your device from effectively removing heat. If the units are running low, the bills will rise because the machine would have to work much harder to fulfill the thermostat.

Low refrigerant has been most likely caused by a leak, which can occur anywhere in the chain of coils & line sets that transports the refrigerant. RTU installation Dallas will assist you in correctly diagnosing the existence of a leak, the location of the leak, & what can be done to fix it.

5. Lack of Maintenance

Having an HVAC professional inspect the rooftop unit system would help you by maintaining system reliability and avoiding potential breakdowns.

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid large energy costs because the mechanic would have all of the equipment needed to assess the condition & efficiency of the device & its parts.

RTU installation Dallas will make instructions such as cleaning the coil, removing a capacitor and generator, installing a surge protector, a hard start package, vent sealing, & possibly installing a programmable thermostat.

6. Old System

An old rooftop unit indicates that the system is inefficient. The maximum SEER ranking earlier in the day was just 10, and after years of operating in the hot summer sun without repairs, the rooftop unit would become costly to operate. Some machines are so outdated& neglected that they rust!

7. Bad Installation

Finally, it is possible that the machine was not correctly assembled.

The contractor, for example, could have oversized the machine, allowing it to narrow margin & turn on & off quickly. This would result in high electric costs because rooftop units consume the most electricity as they first startup& become more reliable as initialization times are shortened.

Other issues that may arise as a result of poor installation include broken components, poor electrical connections, poor brazing & welding, & non-sealed vent connections.

Aside from higher electric bills, a poor implementation will cause a slew of aggravating breakdowns.


You will handle the rooftop unit’s ridiculously high energy consumption by considering the various factors mentioned above & taking the requisite steps. This will end in significant savings that will eventually turn into lower energy bills.

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