RTU Unit: How to avoid any unwanted cooling unit malfunctions?

If you have ever spent a humid summer in your city in a home or company ravaged with air conditioning issues, it’s an occurrence you do not want to recreate. Do not leave the summer warmth to chance! Read about the most likely reasons for air conditioning issues & the simple steps you should take to avoid rooftop unit maintenance, Fort Worth problems.

The rooftop unit system is a vital part of every house, even though it is not as elegant as a sofa & as visible as a fridge. However, the character is more reflective of your vehicle: it needs daily servicing to function properly.

When doing routine maintenance, you’re not going to have to pay for big repairs or new components. In addition, a very well maintained rooftop unit system ensures decent air quality in your building, rather than acting as a breeding site for mold & bacteria.

If you maintain your rooftop unit in decent order, do routine servicing in spring & fall, you are much less likely to struggle in the hottest months of summer when you need it the most.

Checking for Power

Start by making certain the rooftop unit has electricity. If the device has control, check for any operation lights or error codes. In most situations, shutting off the power network to the rooftop unit & again turning it back on would restart the control panel, as well as the error code, which can be lost.

These codes can be reflected on either the device itself (seeable by a tiny sight-glass close to the main electrical panel) or just on the thermostat. Change the temperature setting on the air conditioner & listen to the clicking rhythm, signaling that the air conditioner relays are engaged.

 Tighten the electrical connection

After checking for any visible cues of the necessary operation, switch off the energy to the rooftop unit & start the repair process by fixing all electrical systems. There are several faults on the rooftop units due to faulty wiring.

Be vigilant when checking the electrical systems on the cooling system: the terminal connectors can be affected if they appear weakened and overheated in some way. If the capacitors tend to be mutilated (swelling or leaking), suggest removing them since they could be approaching the edge of their existence. RTU maintenance Fort Worth can fix all those wiring issues in your rooftop unit

 Filter Changeout

If the exhaust pipe is rusty, substitute it with one of the appropriate sizes & see that the body dimensions & output of the air filter suits the appropriate airflow of the rooftop unit. Often inspect the indoor fan—if that fan uses a traditional indoor hydraulic fan unit, anything as small as one by sixteen-inch of dust on the turbines will affect the fan’s cooling capacity by as much as ten to fifteen percent.

 Coil Cleaning

 Cleaning the RTU system may be a problem. If the air cleaner does its work, the internal coil should never be much polluted. Where necessary, use pressurized water to wash the coil, taking caution not to deform the coil fins. If the fluid is in use, be aware that the fluid does not leak out of the drain pan & that the liquid flow is not so high to move the water into the sink. If the device is fitted with a TXV, ensure the detecting bulb harness is secure & properly shielded. 

 If the rooftop unit coil has to be washed, look to see if the configuration of the coil has several rows—it will need to be divided in order to be thoroughly cleaned. Test with the OEM Buyers Guide to thoroughly clean multiple-row coils as not observing the appropriate washing technique could push any particles to the middle row of both the coil, thereby blocking up the coil.

Use an effective coil cleaner to avoid damage to the coil. Be cautious not to stretch the coil fins if you use high liquid force as bent frames to adversely affect the output of the coil. Check that the machine blades are properly positioned inside the fan mounting orifice when operating in the RTU area, as this can have a performance effect of up to 10%.

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 Refrigerant Leaks

Before reactivating the rooftop unit, use a coolant leak indicator or a sniffer to ensure that there have been no leaks inside the rooftop unit. Restart the system & run the unit in cooling mode, testing the charge of the coolant by inspecting the TXV or the fixed orifice.

If you have performed all of the preventive maintenance measures listed above & the refrigerant working levels are not within the range defined by the OEM, just use the OEM user manual or access the air conditioning software to help diagnose the problem. Rooftop maintenance unit Fort Worth helps you dealing these problems in your air conditioner.  


Proper management of your rooftop machine will guarantee that your RTU system operates properly for a long time. You will conveniently make your roofing unit prevent unnecessary cooling malfunctions by installing a proper RTU service in Dallas, maintaining, fixing & selecting the correct device. It is essential to find the right configuration, repair & maintenance service to ensure that your RTU system lasts longer.

Are you looking for a professional service provider for RTU maintenance? RTU Unit DWF offers customized rooftop unit maintenance in Fort Worth in Dallas for all types of commercial & residential buildings. We will ensure that the RTU system is fully configured & that our systems operate effectively over the year. To learn more about our programs, please call us at (214) 550-3458 or email us at (469) 351-9657.

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